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What is Wrongful Death?

by Dixon Law Office

Some of the legal terms encountered in personal injury cases can be confusing, unusual or misunderstood. In today's post, we discuss "wrongful death."

The meaning of the term "wrongful death" is obvious.  When someone's actions or inactions cause the death of another, that is wrongful death.   This can happen in a variety of circumstances.  For example, a car crash can cause the wrongful death of someone.  A dog can attack a child and cause the death of the child.  Indeed, almost any type of wrongful or negligent action can cause wrongful death.

Inactions can cause wrongful death too.  For example, a nursing home can ignore a patient and cause bed sores (also called pressure ulcers) to develop.  That inaction can lead to infection and then wrongful death.

Many times family members don't know what caused their loved one's death.  In those circumstances it is wise to find an experienced lawyer who can review what happened and determine if someone else is at fault.

At Dixon Law Office, our attorneys are the best in the business.  We have represented countless families in wrongful death cases and obtained millions of dollars in compensation for those families.

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